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Top 7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders for 2020

best lacrosse rebounderWouldn’t it be nice if you could work on your lax game whenever you wanted to? You can always use a lacrosse rebounder.

Instead of having to wait for your teammates and coaches, you could just whip out your gear and perform a few drills on your own time. Imagine how much your technique would improve.

If you’re like most lacrosse players, you’re probably limited to a few practices a week. While that dedicated practice time is great for running plays and getting comfortable with the field, it’s hardly enough time to maximize your potential.

With so many players to worry about, coaches just aren’t capable of focusing on a single person. Running basic drills every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, can do a lot to improve key skills. We’ll get into that a bit later.

Furthermore, running through the motions of the game every day can condition your body and reduce your chances of injury. So, how are you supposed to reach your full potential outside of regular practice time?

The best lacrosse rebounder can mimic the motions of the ball on the field to test your skills and give you a full workout. Best of all, they’re compact enough to be used in your backyard.

Dozens of great products are available to lax players. In this guide, we aim to pull back the curtain on this must-have training tool and give you the knowledge you need to find an option that’s right for you.

 Comparing the 7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders 

RankingLacrosse ReboundersMat SizePrice
1.EZ Goal Professional6’ x 4’Check Price
2.Rukket 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder4’ x 7’Check Price
3.Lacrosse Scoop Premium4’ x 6.5’Check Price
4.EZGoal 8'X6' Professional8' x 6'Check Price
5.Gladiator Lacrosse Professional4′ x 3′Check Price
6.Champion Sports Deluxe 3' x 4'Check Price
7.STX Multi-Position4’ x 3’Check Price

1. EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Rebounder

SaleBestseller No. 1
EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feet
  • Telescoping frame adjusts rebounder angle for high pops, grounders and line drives

Quick Features:

  • Steel frame
  • Measures 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide
  • Foldable design
  • UV-protected net
  • Steel rebound springs

This lacrosse rebounder from EZGoal has you covered no matter what drill you’re performing. It’s a large lacrosse bounce back net, providing you with greater coverage as you train.

The cool thing about this particular rebounder is that it uses a lot of the same elements as a trampoline. The net is made out of the same elastic material and there are springs to provide excellent rebound. This unique design improves the experience quite a bit.

When it comes to flexibility, you won’t be disappointed. The steel frame has a welded hinge system and telescoping poles. To change the angle of the net, all you have to do is change the height of the pole. Plus, it folds up nicely for storage.

  • Frame is powder-coated for protection
  • Adjustable angle
  • Folding system is made out of welded steel for durability
  • Net is prone to tears
  • Produces a lot of noise


Overall, this rebounder checks off all the boxes. It’s portable, tough enough to withstand a rigorous workout, and is fully adjustable. No matter how you train, this unit will serve you well.

2. Rukket 4x7ft Lacrosse Pitchback Training Screen

Bestseller No. 1
Rukket 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder Pitchback Training Screen | Practice Catching, Throwing, and...
  • PERFECT LACROSSE REBOUNDER for all skill levels. Extra bungees for incredible bounce back strength to practice every aspect of the game.

Quick Features:

  • 4 feet wide by 7 feet tall
  • Multi-angle design
  • Weighs about 37 pounds
  • Uses durable bungee cords
  • Foldable steel frame
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Want a lacrosse rebounder that you can attack from any angle? Check out this unique option from Rukket Sports. It has a very distinct design that stands out from the competition. Rather than using a simple flat net, this rebounder lets you create multiple angles.

The frame folds in the middle. This creates two different net angles. No matter where the ball lands, those angles ensure that the ball will make it back to you. To top it all off, the frame is fully adjustable. So, you can create the challenge you’re after.

The only downside of this unit is the net itself. It’s a simple woven net that’s attached to the frame with bungee cords. As a result, it is prone to damage. However, if that’s not a deal-breaker for you, the protected frame and lifetime warranty will surely sweeten the deal.

  • Powder-coated for protection
  • Mesh bungee protection
  • Uses multiple carriage bolts
  • Adjustable angles
  • Lower-quality net
  • Net can be damaged by weather


This Rukket Sports rebounder is ideal for those interested in flexible training. The unique design of the frame gives you plenty of ways to experiment.

3. Lacrosse Scoop Premium Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse Scoop Premium Lacrosse Rebounder
  • MASSIVE TARGET AREA: Rebounder is 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall giving over a 25 feet surface area

Quick Features:

  • 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall
  • Mutliple net angles
  • Durable steel frame
  • Large shooting surface

Like the previous lacrosse bounce back net, this unit from Lacrosse Scoop offers a multi-angled approach. The triangular base and hinged frame make it easy to create two net angles. Of course, you can create a single angle by straightening out the frame if you want to run simpler drills.

The frame of the rebounder is made out of thick steel tubes. Thanks to a smooth powder-coated finish, it holds up pretty well to the elements.

One thing we don’t like about this rebounder is that the frame doesn’t fold up completely. It uses a triangular base that offers a ton of stability. Unfortunately, the base stays stationary at all times and can’t be adjusted.

  • Quick angle adjustment system
  • Frame is powder-coated
  • Can be set up in minutes
  • Net is susceptible to weather damage
  • Does not fold up completely


Don’t let the lack of portability turn you off. This is a high-end lax rebounder that’s flexible enough to give you a good workout.

4. EZGoal 8’X6′ Professional Folding Lacrosse Rebounder

Quick Features:

  • 8 feet wide by 6 feet tall
  • Adjustable frame
  • Frame made of 17-gauge steel
  • Folding design
  • Secondary catch net included

This massive rebounder is great for lacrosse players of all skill levels. The square-shaped training tool is fully adjustable to create customized drills. Like the previous EZGoal rebounder we recommended, this model features a telescoping frame and welded steel hinges. The frame is powder-coated for lasting durability as well.

One thing that we appreciate about this lacrosse rebounder is that it comes with a few different nets to create the setup you want. In addition to the standard rebounding net, there’s a woven option that extends to the frame below. It’s great for catching ground balls and strays.


  • UV-treated net and powder-coated frame
  • Massive shooting surface
  • Doesn’t require tools to set up
  • Several angle adjustments
  • Net tension can be adjusted


  • Net can be cumbersome to set up
  • Takes up a lot of space


This top-rated lax rebounder has it all. Thanks to its large catching surface and versatile frame, all of your training needs are covered.

5. Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Rebounder

Quick Features:

  • 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide
  • Nylon net
  • Adjustable steel frame
  • Steel springs

Despite its simple looks, the Gladiator Lacrosse rebounder is a handy little training tool. It’s smaller than some of the other models we recommended. However, this is a big advantage if portability is a top priority. The entire unit folds up nicely when you want to move it. Thanks to its smaller footprint, it’s easy to fit into a car trunk. You can even slip it under a bed when not in use.

The net on this device is quite robust. It’s made out of dense nylon and cotton. As a result, it has an excellent rebound. As if that weren’t enough, the net is attached with steel springs for better rebound.

  • Folds flat
  • Very portable
  • Springs are protected
  • Can adjust angle
  • Doesn’t hold up well to the elements
  • Not the most stable rebounder on the market


While this unit isn’t as feature-rich as some of its alternatives, it does a decent job across the board. If you’re looking for something that you can use on the go, this may be the option for you.

6. Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Rebound

Champion Sports LBT43 Deluxe Lacrosse Target: Ball Return Bounce Back Net Set for Professional,...
  • DAMPENED REBOUND: The shock absorbing surface provides the perfect return for practice receiving passes or scooping up a stray ball during play; Rebound target area is 3'W x 4'H

Quick Features:

  • 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide
  • Adjustable steel frame
  • Steel springs
  • Rebound dampener
  • Comes with 90-day warranty

The Champion Sports rebounder is a simple device that’s packing a lot of punch. It might look simple at first glance, but the rebounder has several features that can help you with your training endeavors. First, it’s easy to adjust. A hinged frame and telescoping support bar in the rear ensure that you have full control over the net angle.

Secondly, the rebounder is build to last. The steel frame is tough, yet smooth to the touch. The powder-coating prevents rust while making it comfortable to carry once you fold it down.

  • Easy to set up and fold
  • Extra adjustable pole adds stability
  • Bright target perimeter
  • Frame is powder-coated for protection
  • Not the strongest weld joints
  • Net is susceptible to sun damage


This rebounder is great for someone who just wants to train. It’s a no-frills product that’s easy to set up and strike down whenever you want to run drills.

7. STX Multi-Position Training Rebounder

Quick Features:

  • 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide
  • Woven nylon net
  • Adjustable steel frame
  • Uses thick bungee cords

STX is one of the biggest lacrosse brands in the world. This simple rebounder is a good example of why the company is so popular. The training tool doesn’t have any complicated components. There’s a sturdy steel frame, a basic nylon net, and elastics.

Assembly does take some time due to the nature of the elastics. However, once you get everything set up, the rebounder can be adjusted to your needs. The frame has a hinged stand with a telescoping arm for angle control.

While it’s not the most elastic material out there, we appreciate the use of the bungee cords. The lack of springs keeps the unit quiet even during the most rigorous drill.

  • Folds down flat
  • Multiple angle choices
  • Stays quiet
  • Prone to rusting
  • Net takes some time to attach


As always, STX has created a must-have accessory that lacrosse players love. Regardless of your skill level, this rebounder can help you improve your technique.

A Complete Buying Guide for Lacrosse Rebounders

Like all gear, it’s important to take some time in choosing the best lacrosse rebounder for your needs. These training tools come in a range of designs. Not every model is going to be able to grow as you progress, so there are a few key features to pay attention to. Check out our buying guide below to learn more about what makes a good rebounder. But first…

What is a Lacrosse Rebounder?

top lacrosse rebounder reviewsBefore we get into the finer details of these tools, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what a rebounder can do. Rebounders go by many different names. You may find suitable products labeled as a lacrosse bounce back net or lacrosse pitch back. Whatever the manufacturer decides to call it, these tools all serve the same purpose.

As the name would suggest, a rebounder is meant to bounce the ball back to you. Whether you’re tossing the ball or throwing high-speed shots, the rebounder’s design causes the ball to fly back at you. Typically, a lacrosse throwback rebounder is comprised of a solid frame and an elastic net.

It’s the net that’s going to give you that bounceback effect. Of course, standard nets won’t do much beyond catching the ball and keeping your training session contained. So, lax rebounders use special nets made out of elastic materials. Once your ball hits the net, it will be launched back at you at high speeds.

The cool thing about this rebounding action is that it tackles several key areas of your training. First, you have the opportunity to work on your shot skills. There are a ton of great shot drills that you can do to improve your game. While you might believe that the small shooting area limits your ability to practice, think again. Something as simple as changing your approach or the distance between the rebounder gives you all the flexibility you need.

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Explained Further…

Your training doesn’t stop once the ball has been shot. The moment the lax rebounder works its magic, you must react immediately. The angle and speed of your throw will affect the ball’s bounceback trajectory. In a split second, you have to make a decision on how you will react and take action. Pass and catch drills are great for any position on the field. However, goalies can benefit the most from improving their reaction times.

As if that wasn’t enough, a lacrosse rebounder gives you the opportunity to tackle complex footwork, too. Don’t let the compact nature of these tools fool you. They’re fully capable of launching balls to great distances. This forces you to be quick on your feet, improving your agility skills along the way.

All in all, rebounders are the perfect training tool running solo drills. You can improve virtually every aspect of your game on your own terms. What’s not to like?

What I Should Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Rebounder?

best lacrosse rebounders

Not all rebounders are made the same. Before you pull the trigger and purchase the first model you come across, consider how the tool will work for your lifestyle and training needs. The key is to find a lacrosse rebounder that matches your skill level.

  • Size

    First things first, let’s talk about size. A lacrosse throwback rebounder needs to be large enough to keep the ball contained at all times. The last thing you want to deal with is having to chase a missed shot. This is especially true if you’re in a small backyard or garage. The whole point of a rebounder is having the ability to practice anywhere, so keep your planned practice spot in mind.

    The size of your rebounder should also reflect your skill level. Are you prone to losing control of the shot or is your accuracy already pretty decent? If you fall into the latter category, you can stick with a smaller unit. Larger models are ideal for players who need a bit more coverage.

    Typically, lacrosse rebounders are around 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall. There’s no shortage of bigger options to choose from. Those are usually about 6 feet tall and just as wide.

  • Portability & Storage

    good lacrosse rebounder

    Chances are, you’re going to want to move your new rebounder every once in a while. It’s not recommended that you keep these units outside. Fluctuating temperatures affect the elastic material and could cause it to wear down over time. Thus, having the ability to transport the tool whenever you want is important.

    The two biggest things that affect portability is weight and design. As for weight, it’s a fine balance between stability and portability. You want to have a rebounder that’s hefty enough to stay put when the force of a shot is factored in. However, it also needs to be light enough to lug around.

    Most rebounders use steel tubes for the frame to keep things light.

    As for the design of the rebounder, go with something that folds up with a few swift movements. Lacrosse pitch back nets are built to be angled. So, you’ll find that most units feature a hinged stand. When it’s time to pack up and go, simply collapse the stand and fold it in. It’s as easy as that.

  • Angle Adjustment

    Physics comes into play when you use a rebounder. The angle of the training tool will affect how the ball reacts. Typically, the more you push the net past 90 degrees, the farther the ball will fly.

    During a game of lacrosse, there’s no way to control how the ball reacts. Every shot that flies your way is different, so it’s good to have a rebounder that’s flexible enough to reflect that.

    Cheaper models are stationary. They’re not adjustable, which could ultimately limit your training. As your skills improve, you will need a rebounder that offers angle adjustment. This may come in the form of a knob that you can loosen and tighten. Or, the angle might be adjusted by simply modifying the position of the stand.

    More advanced units even have multiple net angles for a bigger challenge.

  • Durability
    useful lacrosse rebounder

    Like we said earlier, rebounders are prone to damage when they’re left out in the elements. Constant exposure to moisture and the hot sun can take a toll on the elastics and frame. Luckily, manufacturers offer some great durability features to prolong the life of your investment.

    At the very least, you should have a rebounder with a protected frame. Powder-coating is great for preventing rust. The treatment produces a smooth finish that can last for several years to come.

    To keep your nets safe, go with an option that has UV treatment. This is very similar to what you’d find on trampoline jumping mats. The treatment keeps the elastic from becoming brittle by blocking some of those harmful UV rays.

  • Budget

    Before you even start shopping, you should come up with a budget that works for you. Lacrosse rebounders can vary dramatically when it comes to price. On the lower end, you might end up paying a little over a hundred dollars. However, feature-rich models with all the bells and whistles will set you back a pretty penny. Figuring out how much you are willing to spend will make the shopping experience much smoother.

  • Product Warranty

    Warranties are always a nice touch. Lacrosse bounce back nets are put through the ringer every day. Even with the most durable on the market is not immune to damage. If you ever experience an issue with your investment, you’ll be glad that you have a warranty.

    Most brands offer a limited warranty that covers a set period after purchase. Read the fine print carefully to understand what the warranty covers. If the damage to your rebounder is covered by the warranty, you can get a replacement or repair free of charge.

 Wrap Up 

Whether you’re just getting started on your lacrosse journey or you have several seasons under your belt, a rebounder is a must-have training tool. The best lacrosse rebounder will help you hone your skills and reach your full potential. Instead of waiting for practice time, you can perform drills whenever and wherever you want.

SaleBestseller No. 1
EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feet
  • Telescoping frame adjusts rebounder angle for high pops, grounders and line drives
Bestseller No. 2
Rukket 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder Pitchback Training Screen | Practice Catching, Throwing, and...
  • PERFECT LACROSSE REBOUNDER for all skill levels. Extra bungees for incredible bounce back strength to practice every aspect of the game.
Bestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Victorem Lacrosse Rebounder - Bounce Back, Pitch Back Rebounder for Lacrosse, Baseball and Softball...
  • 🥅 INVINCIBLE METAL FRAME - Go ahead: hit it hard! Standing strong with durable 1.25-inch metal tubing, our rebounder’s 48x73-inch frame is tough enough to handle you at your best. No matter what...
Bestseller No. 5
Champion Sports LBT43 Deluxe Lacrosse Target: Ball Return Bounce Back Net Set for Professional,...
  • DAMPENED REBOUND: The shock absorbing surface provides the perfect return for practice receiving passes or scooping up a stray ball during play; Rebound target area is 3'W x 4'H
Bestseller No. 6
AmazonBasics Lacrosse Rebounder
  • Lacrosse rebounder for practicing skills; ideal for both backyard and field practice
Bestseller No. 7
Lacrosse Scoop Premium Lacrosse Rebounder
  • MASSIVE TARGET AREA: Rebounder is 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall giving over a 25 feet surface area
Bestseller No. 8
STX Bounce Back Training Aid
  • Rebounder training aid for practicing lacrosse passing and shooting
SaleBestseller No. 10
Champion Sports BN4272 Rebound Pitchback Net, Adjustable Training Practice Rebounder Bounceback...
  • Multi-Sport Equipment Netting: Champion Sports Pitch-Back Rebound Nets Are Ideal for a Variety of Sports Training, Including Baseball, Softball, Lax, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball or Tennis