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Top 7 Best Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks for 2020

If you don’t have one of the best lacrosse bags on the market, your trips to the training field are going to be a huge challenge. Take a look at any seasoned lax player and you’re bound to see them struggling with a ton of gear. Beyond the basic lacrosse equipment, players are often seen dropping personal gear and extra clothes with every step.

Does that sound like you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry everything you need comfortably?

Right now, you’re probably using a poorly-made sports sack or filling your arms with gear. While that struggle to carry all your necessary gear might not seem like a huge deal, you could be setting yourself up for failure on the field. It can limit your physical performance and cause fatigue before the game even starts!

Your training sessions and game days don’t have to start on the wrong foot. In this guide, we’re going to help you find the very best lacrosse bag that money can buy. We’ll go over the types of bags available to you and give you some crucial information that you can use to make a sound purchasing decision.

Best Lacrosse Bags

Comparison Chart: Best Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks

Best Lax Bags and BackpacksDimensionsWeightPrice
Diadora Team Bag
(Editor's Choice)
24 x 11 x 1 in1 lbsCheck Price
Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag40 x 15 x 15 in1.9 lbsCheck Price
STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag38 inches long1 lbsCheck Price
Martin Sports Two Sticks Deluxe Lax Bag42 x 13 x 12 in4.2 lbsCheck Price
STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Backpack20 x 14 x 2 in0.3 ouncesCheck Price
Harrow Elite Lacrosse Backpack20 x 15 x 3 in1.6 lbsCheck Price
Athletico Lacrosse Backpack24 x 15 x 11 in2.4 lbsCheck Price

 4 Best Lacrosse Bags for 2020 (Updated List)

1. Diadora Team Bag

Diadora Team Bag

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • Sports bag design
  • Approximately 24 inches long by 11 inches wide
  • Made of nylon
  • Durable stitching and hardware
  • Hand and shoulder straps
  • Four pockets with zipper closures
  • Available in four colors

Looking for a compact lacrosse bag that won’t be cumbersome to carry? Check out this option from Diadora. It’s a versatile sports bag that can serve lacrosse players very well. The duffel bag design and upper access panel make loading your gear a breeze.

The exterior of the bag is made out of tough nylon. Numerous panels and reinforced stitching help to improve durability. Plus, it’s water-resistant. While it’s not going to prevent water from getting in if you place it in a puddle, the lax bag can keep your items protected from rain and splashes.

There are two ventilated pockets on each end of the bag, which is great for storing your wet gear. Diadora offers a couple of ways to carry the bag. There are two hand straps and a large shoulder strap. A thick piece of padding ensures that the strap won’t dig into your shoulder as you walk.

  • Shoulder strap is padded for comfort
  • Smaller internal pocket for personal items
  • Two large ventilated pockets for wet gear
  • Spacious interior
  • Compact enough to fit in small lockers
  • Water-resistant
  • Elastic zipper pulls prone to snapping
  • No strap or pocket for lacrosse stick
  • No optional cover to protect mesh pockets on side during rain


All in all, the Diadora lacrosse bag is a flexible piece of gear that’s great for lax players. It may not be large enough to fit your stick, but it has plenty of room for the essentials and some must-have extras.

2. Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • Simple duffel design
  • 40 inches long by 15 inches wide and 15 inches tall
  • Water resistant material
  • Marine-grade zippers
  • Two hand/shoulder straps
  • Available in several team colors

The Monster bag from Maverik Lacrosse is a no-frills product that just gets the job done. It’s relatively simple in terms of design when compared to some other lax bags on the market. There are no external or internal pockets. Just one large compartment that you can quickly toss your gear into.

From a construction standpoint, this bag checks off all the boxes. It’s water-resistant, made of tough material, and has marine-grade hardware to ensure that it can hold up to anything you throw at it. What’s not to like?

  • Heavy-duty build
  • Ample storage for essentials
  • Collapses in on itself for storage
  • Thin shape fits most sports lockers
  • No exterior pockets
  • No ventilation holes or waterproof compartments
  • Can’t adjust length of straps


The Monster bag is made with lacrosse players in mind. It gets the job done without causing any extra hassle to your game day routine.

3. STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag

STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • Stick bag design
  • Approximately 38 inches long
  • Made of durable materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Centered shoulder strap and hanging strap
  • Available in several colors

Whether you’re a coach, player, or assistant, this lacrosse bag from STX will leg you carry multiple sticks in one go. It’s a simple bag that offers just enough room for a few pieces of gear. A large opening on one side of the bag allows you to slip sticks in and out without any problems.

Outside of the bag, there are a couple of extra features for convenience. The most notable is a large mesh pocket. Located on the opposite side of the opening, the pocket is held together with an elastic strap. It’s great for fitting your shoes or a bottle of water. There’s even a smaller compartment that can fit your phone, keys, and other essential personal items.

  • Large mesh pocket for extra gear
  • Small compartment for personal items
  • Can hold multiple sticks
  • Can’t hold a ton of gear
  • Mesh pocket prone to ripping
  • Included shoulder strap doesn’t have any padding


The STX stick bag is a must-have if you need to haul a few sticks to the field. Thanks to the included shoulder strap, your journey will be comfortable and hands-free.

4. Martin Sports Two Sticks Deluxe Lacrosse Bag

Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player's Bag

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • Measures 42 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 12 inches high
  • Made of nylon
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with pad
  • Multiple exterior pockets
  • Separate compartment for wet gear
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in several colors

This good lacrosse bag from Martin Sports won’t break the bank. However, it has a ton of great features that can help you lug your gear anywhere. First, the exterior made out of heavyweight nylon. It’s water-resistant and tough enough to take a beating. You’ll also find some reinforced paneling throughout to add even more strength to the bag.

The main storage compartment of this bag is huge. It has more than enough space to fit two sticks and everything else you need. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also some separate storage areas to help you stay organized. This includes ventilated shoe pockets, a compartment for wet items, and more.

  • Separate shoe pocket with ventilation
  • Reinforced panels and thick stitching
  • Reflective trim for safety
  • Can hold up to two sticks
  • Too big for small lockers
  • Internal pocket is substandard
  • Lower-quality zippers are prone to breaking


Thanks to its large size and strategic design, this lax bag has you covered when you need to travel.

The 3 Best Lacrosse Backpacks for 2020 (Top Picks)

5. STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Backpack

STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Backpack

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • About 19 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches deep
  • Stick straps on side
  • Reinforced base
  • Ergonomic padded straps
  • Mesh compartment on front
  • Made of heavy-duty nylon
  • Available in three colors

Another great product from STX is this lacrosse backpack. While it can be used as a standard storage bag, STX included some features that are specific to the sport. For example, you’ll find two straps on the side to secure your stick on the go. Plus, there’s a spacious ventilated pocket on the front to ensure that your wet lax gear doesn’t start to smell.

In terms of comfort, this backpack doesn’t disappoint. The straps are all curved to follow your body’s contours. There’s also heavy padding on each strap as well as on the back that touches your body.

  • Ample padding on straps and back
  • Large main compartment
  • Fabric is water-resistant
  • Comfortable for most to wear
  • Can be tight with helmet and other protective gear
  • No sternum or hip strap


STX is known for creating some great lacrosse gear. This backpack is no different and will serve you well no matter where you’re playing.

6. Harrow Elite Lacrosse Backpack

Harrow Elite Lacrosse Backpack

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • Two stick holders
  • Made of thick fabric
  • Measures about 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 11 inches deep
  • Three large compartments
  • Available in several color schemes

With the Harrow Elite backpack, you can express your personal style. It’s available in a wide range of fun colors that stand out. Of course, the lax backpack has a lot of functionality as well.

The storage compartments are all quite spacious. A handful of smaller pockets here and there are great for keeping important items within reach as well. In total, the backpack can hold two lacrosse sticks. There’s a strap on both sides that allows you to secure the stick in the vertical position.

  • Padding on back for comfort
  • Small mesh pockets for personal items
  • Cushioned straps
  • Can be adjusted to accommodate most heights
  • No dedicated pocket for wet gear
  • No sternum or hip strap
  • May be too small to carry several pieces of equipment


While it may not be the most feature-rich backpack out there, this option certainly gets the job done. It’s a comfortable piece of gear that can make lugging your lax equipment a cinch.

7. Athletico Lacrosse Backpack

Athletico Lacrosse Bag

Check Price

Quick Features:

  • About 24 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 11 inches deep
  • Made of out tough polyester
  • Separate compartment for cleats
  • Holds two sticks
  • External strap for helmet
  • Water-resistant

Need a backpack with all the bells and whistles? Feast your eyes on this extra-large option from Athletico. This option can hold it all. Not only does it have ample room inside, but there are even a few straps to carry things on the exterior, too. These include straps on both sides for lacrosse sticks and one on the center for your helmet.

One thing we like about this lacrosse backpack is that there’s a spot for everything. On the bottom, there’s a completely separate compartment for your lacrosse cleats. The placement and separation ensure that mud and moisture don’t affect everything else. It’s also vented for good measure.

  • Capable of holding a lot of gear
  • Strong construction for durability
  • Multiple external pockets
  • Sternum strap and hip belt
  • Contoured shoulder straps
  • Comfort padding throughout
  • Can be too cumbersome for some players
  • Zippers aren’t as touch as some other components
  • Gets very heavy when fully loaded


Get ready for any game with this Athletico lax bag. Despite its compact and convenient design, it has more than enough room for everything you need on the field.

A Complete Buying Guide for Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks

Choosing a lax backpack may seem easy enough, but every tiny detail can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and comfort. Did you know that there are different types of lacrosse bags that serve different purposes? That’s just one of the things you need to consider when you’re shopping for that perfect piece of gear. Luckily, we’ve covered all of the important details in our buying guide below.

lacrosse bags

Types of Lacrosse Bags Available on the Market

Not every lax player is going to be carrying the same amount of equipment. Thus, manufacturers have come up with a few different designs to suit everyone. The key to choosing the right one for your needs is to think about what you need to have on tow and how you prefer to lug your items around.

  • Backpacks

Don’t let thoughts of carrying your books through your high school halls turn you off. Lacrosse backpacks are a great modern solution to all of your stowing needs. At face value, they look like the average backpack you can get at any school store. In many ways, they operate the same way, too.

For example, many backpacks have spacious interiors, multiple pockets, and even a laptop sleeve to keep your electronics safe. Lacrosse backpacks also have that iconic dual-strap design.

What makes lax backpacks different from others is that there are a few features that cater to players. You’ll often find some straps to attach your stick in the vertical position as you walk. Sternum straps and hip belts are also pretty common to help take the weight off your shoulders. Depending on the design, you might also find some comfort features to help you beat the summer heat. We’ll get into the importance of comfort a bit later.

Overall, backpacks are a very popular choice among lacrosse players. That signature two-strap design has been around for over 50 years. It’s still used today because it allows players to take the strain off their arms and walk freely without having to worry about making a mess with every step.

  • Stick Bags

Next up, we have stick bags. It’s pretty common to see female players using stick bags in lieu of girls lacrosse backpacks. That’s because the rules about checking are a bit different. Thus, less gear is required to play the game legally. With that said, stick bags can prove to be pretty useful for any player.

As the name would suggest, stick bags are purposefully designed to hold a couple of sticks. While they can hold some smaller items as well, stick bags tend to have a lower profile and overall sleeker shape.

Designs can vary a bit. Lacrosse sticks can be as long as 72 inches depending on the position you play. So, if you’re thinking about getting a stick bag, make sure that you find a model that will accommodate your gear without any issues.

The cool thing about a stick bag is that it frees up your hands significantly. Thanks to a handy shoulder strap, those days of struggling with multiple sticks in your arms are over.

  • Normal Equipment Bags

Finally, we have standard lacrosse bags. This option is ideal for anyone who’s looking to have a dedicated bag that can hold all of the necessary equipment. They’re considerably larger than stick bags or backpacks.

That’s a good thing if you have a ton of gear. They take on the same shape as a duffel bag, making them easy to fold up and stow out of the way when they’re not in use. Multiple pockets and generous interior space provide ample room for everything you need.

Plus, most normal lacrosse bags are long enough to hold your stick. At the very least, you can find bags that have a dedicated pocket or strap so that you don’t have to carry it by hand.

What to Look for When Buying Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks

women lacrosse game in the field

Now that you understand some of the options that are available to you, let’s go over the finer details! As we mentioned earlier, every aspect of your bag can affect its efficiency. It’s not enough to just choose the first lacrosse bag you see. You need to consider your own needs and match them to what a particular bag has to offer.

  • Type

First things first, it’s a good idea to choose what kinds of lacrosse bag you need first. Refer to the earlier section and think about the things you carry. Then, choose the core design that works best for you.

Let me explain…

If you’re a younger player who spends his or her day at school, choosing something as large as a standard sports bag just won’t cut it. Normal lacrosse bags and even stick bags won’t fit in most school lockers.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, larger lacrosse bags are worth the investment if you have the luxury of keeping your gear in your car during the day.

It’s all about matching the design to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Size

Speaking of size, it’s important to think about how much physical storage space you need. Backpacks tend to be on the smaller side and can’t hold as many items as a full-sized lacrosse bag. However, you might now even need all of that extra room.

Do you keep your gear in a gym locker? What type of equipment is required to play? Are there any extra personal items you want to bring with you to a game?

The answers to all of these questions can help you determine the amount of storage you need. Some manufacturers provide storage estimates based on the dimensions of the bag while others offer volume figures.

  • Features

When it comes to extra features, the possibilities are endless. It’s not hard to find lacrosse bags with additional perks that you never even knew you needed.

Think about it…

How nice would it be to have a dedicated wet pocket for muddy cleats or ventilation holes to help prevent mold?

Sweat and moisture need to have proper air circulation to dry out. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with mold, bacteria, and awful-smelling gear. Choosing a lacrosse bag with some built-in mesh or a waterproof compartment to prevent items from dirtying up other equipment can prove to be very useful.

The extra features don’t stop there. Some brands include a slew of pockets to stay organized, protected sections for delicate electronics, and much more.

  • Durability

Lax bags come in a range of materials. Your best bet would be to go with an option that’s made to last. While leather and cotton might look good, it’s not going to hold up well on the field. Not only that, but you have environmental factors to consider.

The best lacrosse bags are made out of waterproof synthetic materials, such as nylon. Made out of synthetic polymers, nylon can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Plus, it’s waterproof. For this reason, you’ll find it being used on everything from backpacks to lacrosse sports bags.

In addition to paying attention to the material, check the quality of the construction. Reinforced seams and tough metal hardware are good signs that the bag will serve you well for years to come.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics

Several studies have shown that heavy bags can cause a lot of strain on a person’s body. The distribution of the weight and the pressure it puts on your muscles can, potentially, lead to lasting health complications. Lacrosse requires you to be at your peak physical health, so why invest in a cheap lacrosse bag that’s going to do more harm than good?

Ideally, your bag should not weigh more than 20 percent of your body weight. However, modern bagmakers are striving to make things safe and comfortable.

When you’re shopping for that perfect lax bag, look out for ergonomic straps that are designed to follow the contours of your body. They should be wide enough to not dig into your skin under the weight of your gear. Plenty of strap padding is a nice touch, too.

Wrap Up

Lacrosse is a fun and exciting game that pushes your body to the limit. The last thing you should be dealing with is figuring out how to carry a mess of equipment to the field. With the best lacrosse bag that money can buy, those worries are a thing of the past. It’ll become an essential part of your lacrosse arsenal that makes those game days much easier.

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